Why Me?

"I have always believed in the power of love and that the groove lies somewhere between the heart and the genitals." - Bobby Miller I am very diffrent from the "normal" types of provider. I was never one of those abused runaway teen girls with drug problems, daddy issues or a pimp / manager. However I have never been a sexual yogi with a room full of incense and a belief that im "sexually spirtual" on the path to becoming worshiped as devine either. Somehow I fall inbetween these extreames. My ability to forge intense sexual connections with clients is unrivaled by other providers my age. I often surprise clients with my ability to see their needs and intrests even before they do. I am lucky enough to wake up everyday doing what im passionate about. I want everyone to have that sexual experience that finally satiates a desire they have been burning to bring to life, whether thats me or someone else it dosent matter, I just believe we should all have our secret desires brought to life and experianced fully.